Mail Order September Through February 

We do not ship during the months of March and April (pollination season) and July and August (way too hot here and we’re preparing for the fall harvest). We can ship outside of our main season, but orders will likely be delayed and availability is unpredictable.  Thank you for your patience. Download and print Mail Order Form PDF icon

We primarily sell at farmers markets and do snail-mail orders only. We do not accept credit cards, checks mailed from your bank, email, or phone orders. We need to have your order, check, and address in one place and we appreciate your understanding. You do not have to use our order form; feel free to write out your order. Orders are usually sent out within a week of receipt. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email or call the ranch at (760) 399-5313. Money back guarantee that you will be delighted with your order.

Shipping Rates:

Shipping Rates: We ship USPS Priority Mail, usually the Flat-Rate Boxes. You can mix and match your dates in as little as 1/4 lb. increments. Please note: Different dates are packed differently. Therefore we can only fit 10# of barhis into a large box, but pack 20# of medjools into that same box. It's complicated since dates have their varying shipping requirements. Barhis require trays and individual 1.25# containers. Medjools can fit into one large bag, then into the box. If you get to ordering more than 10#, please get in touch so we can make sure the dates will fit. Thank you.

1 lb. (Small Flat Rate Box): $7
2-6 lbs. (Medium Flat Rate Box): $15
7-12lbs. (Large Flat Rate Box): $20
12 lbs. or more: Please contact us for details

Price Per Pound:

Retail/Wholesale Case Price (12 lbs.)

Medjool: $9/$81
Barhi: $8/$52.50 (10lb. case)
Dayri: $6/$54
Deglet Noor: $5/$45
Zahidi:$4/$36 (buy 2 for $60)
Amber: $6/$54
Yellow Barhi: $4/$3 per pound for 10+ lbs.
Khadrai: $8/$72
Ciré: $8/$72
Unpollinated Dayri: $12/$108
Date Paste: $6 per pound or $135 for a 30 lb. case
Date Pieces: $6.00
Date Walnut Bar: $2 each / Case of 60 bars $100
Coconut Date Roll: $7 per pound

Testify: "Amazed, My Impression" (email subject line)

May 9, 2013

I received my dates today. I am AMAZED by how good your Medjhool dates are in May, best I've had! I plan to order again in June, and I'd love to get some grapefruit too.

This was my first season I ordered from Flying Disc Ranch, and I'm so glad I found your farm. I first heard of Flying Disc Ranch from Dr. Nick Tancheff.

My impression of Flying Disc Ranch is that you all have a MASTERY in date growing, harvesting, storing, and shipping. Excellent & Outstanding!

In past years, I mail ordered dates from The Date People, Del Real Organic Dates, and Bautista Farm. The last two are certified organic, but no where near as good as Flying Disc Ranch. I've tried the local coop bulk frozen organic dates - no good.

Most of the dates I had from The Date People were quite good, but not as good as Flying Disc Ranch. The main weakness I find with The Date People is they don't package the dates well, only wrap in wax paper and place in the flat rate box... The flat rate boxes often have holes in the corners - so I don't think solely the wax paper protects the dates enough. Also, The Date People can be hard to reach and their availability seems very inconsistent. My intent is not to say negative things about other farms, but to share my experience.

From Flying Disc Ranch, I get the impression of HEALTH, all the way around.

I appreciate how clean I feel the dates are. Unlike the other mail order date farms, I have no reluctance to eat Flying Disc dates unwashed... I appreciate the care in packaging at FDR. I like both the large plastic bag bulk packaging and the white date palm boxes, with the paper bags inside. In my experience, both ways were effective in delivering high quality dates in good condition.

From Flying Disc Ranch, I get the impression of HEALTH, all the way around.


Thank you!



Flying Disc Ranch Post Card




Only $7 per pound

Get some delicious coconut date rolls with your next order. They make an excellent snack for home, work or school. We also sell date paste for $6 per pound and date pieces for $6 per pound.


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