Mail Order Information

We ship year-round. We have good availability of the dates through April, then varieties begin to fade away…

We usually have dayri, deglet noor, and zahidi dates through August and then come back strong by September with fresh dates. Please call, text (760-562-1666) or email if you have questions. Thank you. Please specify if you have preferences on how you would like to receive the dates. We have packaging available in 1/4 lb., 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 11 lb. boxes. Print Mail Order Form PDF icon

Medjool: $10

Barhi: $9

Dayri: $9

Deglet Noor: $7

Zahidi: $7

Amber: $8

Ciré: $12

Khadrawi: $11

Yellow Barhi: $7


USPS Shipping

1 lbs. $8

2- 8 lbs. $15
(except barhis: 4 lbs)

8 -20 lbs. $19
(except barhis: 8 lbs)


Please feel free to contact us for wholesale pricing and shipping. If you order 10 or more pounds of the same variety, you get 25% off. Please specify whether you would like a refund or extra dates if the shipping is less costly than quoted. We ship USPS Priority Flat-Rate and USPS Regional Rate. Our goal is always to make shipping charges as reasonable as possible. Thank you!

Checks payable to: Flying Disc Ranch


"OMG forgettta about it I heard the angels herald my good fortune as I repackaged my 20 lbs of Medjool dates --shipped directly from the expert stewards of USA American soil at Flying Disc.

Christina and Robert thanks a million for your dedication for human perfection regarding the fruits of your labor.

I look forward to citrus season so I can continue eating the healthiest products know to man kind -- produced by you wonderful human beings.

My hats off to you as I bow with respect -- regarding what you have achieved. (Imagine if all stewards of the earth -- cultivated and grew crops as you do. The Earth would be a better place.)"

Warmest Regards
David Proterra
(Proterra in Latin is translated as "In Favor of the Earth")




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Yellow Barhi







Try these seasonal delights available September only. Our yellow barhis taste like vanilla.


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