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We are still shipping! We ship orders twice a month on the 1st and 15th. Note, Yellow Barhis are at their best October through January and are not available after March 1st. Thanks for your patience!

Price per pound / Wholesale case price 25% off (10 pounds of same variety).
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Yellow Barhi: $6 (Sept. Only)

Medjool: $9/ $67.50
Barhi: $9/ $67.50
Dayri: $8/ $60
Deglet Noor: $7/ $45
Zahidi:$5/ $37.50
Amber: $7/ $52.50
Khadrawi: $10/ $75
Ciré: $10/ $75
Unpollinated Dayri: $10/ $75
Date Paste: $8 per pound
Date Pieces: $7 per pound
(Currently Unavailable)
Date Walnut Bar: $5 each
Coconut Date Roll: $9 per pound


1 lb. $9
2-6 lbs. $18
7-10lbs. $22

January - March: Don't miss Ruby Grapefruit. Still $1/lb and 10-year reigning Citrus Sweepstakes champ at the Riverside County Fair

NOTE: My hope is you will not have to wait as long for your order as our systems grow more efficient. I was fooling myself thinking we could “do it all” in September. The fact is, simultaneously harvesting and shipping is impossible! Duh.

We accept checks and money orders for our mail order. When we get more organized, we may start accepting debit cards. For now, our main sales outlets are at California Farmers Markets. Between working on the farm and driving to market, the time to do shipping is short. By having a convoluted ordering process, we can artificially keep mail order demand low! So please take heart and know there is method to our madness.

Please be patient. Read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Also read Dave Ramsey for some ideas on why cash is better than plastic.

Robert Lower, the farmer, does not own a credit card. He bought his farm with cash.

Obviously credit seems more “convenient.” And pretty much any job besides date farming is more convenient too! Ha ha.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email or call the ranch at (760) 399-5313. We guarantee that you will be delighted with your order.


Testify: "Amazed, My Impression" (email subject line)

May 9, 2013

I received my dates today. I am AMAZED by how good your Medjhool dates are in May, best I've had! I plan to order again in June, and I'd love to get some grapefruit too.

This was my first season I ordered from Flying Disc Ranch, and I'm so glad I found your farm. I first heard of Flying Disc Ranch from Dr. Nick Tancheff.

My impression of Flying Disc Ranch is that you all have a MASTERY in date growing, harvesting, storing, and shipping. Excellent & Outstanding!

In past years, I mail ordered dates from The Date People, Del Real Organic Dates, and Bautista Farm. The last two are certified organic, but no where near as good as Flying Disc Ranch. I've tried the local coop bulk frozen organic dates - no good.

Most of the dates I had from The Date People were quite good, but not as good as Flying Disc Ranch. The main weakness I find with The Date People is they don't package the dates well, only wrap in wax paper and place in the flat rate box... The flat rate boxes often have holes in the corners - so I don't think solely the wax paper protects the dates enough. Also, The Date People can be hard to reach and their availability seems very inconsistent. My intent is not to say negative things about other farms, but to share my experience.

From Flying Disc Ranch, I get the impression of HEALTH, all the way around.

I appreciate how clean I feel the dates are. Unlike the other mail order date farms, I have no reluctance to eat Flying Disc dates unwashed... I appreciate the care in packaging at FDR. I like both the large plastic bag bulk packaging and the white date palm boxes, with the paper bags inside. In my experience, both ways were effective in delivering high quality dates in good condition.

From Flying Disc Ranch, I get the impression of HEALTH, all the way around.


Thank you!


September 19, 2014

OMG forgettta about it I heard the angels herald my good fortune as I repackaged my 20 lbs of Medjool dates --shipped directly from the expert stewards of USA American soil at Flying Disc.

Christina and Robert thanks a million for your dedication for human perfection regarding the fruits of your labor.

I look forward to citrus season so I can continue eating the healthiest products know to man kind -- produced by you wonderful human beings.

My hats off to you as I bow with respect -- regarding what you have achieved. (Imagine if all stewards of the earth -- cultivated and grew crops as you do. The Earth would be a better place.)

Warmest Regards
David Proterra
(Proterra in Latin is translated as "In Favor of the Earth")




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Yellow Barhi $6 per pound







Try these seasonal delights available September only. Our yellow barhis taste like vanilla.


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