Palms are very beautiful and popular. We grow many varieties of palms. Available in many sizes both height and girth.

We sell two styles: naturals with the skin and palm butts intact, or skinned, with butts removed. Naturals are cheaper of course!
We can dig the palm, clean it, and load it on your truck or ship it to you.

We sell palms from 8’ to 20’ tall. Shorter palms are cheapest but no less beautiful. Our prices are $200 per foot. We do have less expensive palms. “Leaners” or crooked palms are beautiful too. We can photograph palms for your choice or you may come here to visit them.


We have female inflorescences (blossoms) in March. They smell wonderful, come in different sizes, and have been called “date orchids.” There are male and female date palms. All dates are produced by the female palms. The palms look identical during the winter, but in spring their different blossoms reveal their identities. Male palms produce a pollen blossom, and female palms a dry date blossom.

The female blossoms are very unusual; they have thousands of pollen receptacles on one cluster. If left on the date palm and pollinated they would produce thousands of dates. The female date blossom is available at farmers market and for shipping during late February through March. Depending on the size, the blossom costs $3 - $9, plus shipping. We cannot sell the male date blossom (beautiful as it is) because you would not want that much pollen in your home.

Female date blossoms smell wonderful and stay pretty at least one week. One interesting thing to know about date floral is they do not like water. If you put the blossom in water, the pollen receptors (they look like beads, and are what would have become dates) will fall off. Date blossoms do well cascading in a dry vase, arranged flat as a spray on your table, or (for large blossoms) propped against a wall.

Female date blossom season often coincides with International Women’s Day on March 8, commemorated by the United Nations.